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We make part exchanging your car as simple as possible. To get an idea of what your current vehicle is worth, please enter your registration number below and complete the form.

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What is a part exchange

Understanding a Part Exchange (PX) deal and if it's right for you

Part exchanging simply means using the value of your current car as part of the payment for your new car.

If you choose to part exchange your car, we'll value it and essentially buy it from you. But rather than giving you cash, we'll take the value off the cost of your new car.

For example, if your avocado car costs £19,000 and your current car is valued at £6,000, we'll deduct that cost and you'll only have £13,000 to pay.

Why PX with us

Part exchanging with avocado can help to lower the payment of your new car whilst selling your old car at the same time.

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How it works

If you're looking to PX your old car for your new one, we can help​

Use our easy online valuation tool to get our best offer for your car.

When you're ready to purchase your avocado vehicle, contact one of our friendly salespeople to do all the hard work.

We'll work the part exchange into your new car contract.

It's that simple!

Part Exchange FAQs

There are lots of factors that will affect the value of a car. Our online valuation tool will take all factors into account and give you a realistic offer that can help to lower the cost of your new car.
We will consider age, service history, mileage, number of owners, specification and condition. As well as current market conditions.

We'll need the car's registration document (V5C), proof of ownership, and all the service history of the car. You may also be asked to provide proof of your identity and address.

We can still buy your car with outstanding finance. Our Sales team will be more than happy to discuss this with you and come to an agreement you are happy with.

It is possible to trade in a car without a valid MOT certificate, but it may affect the value of the trade-in. An MOT is a mandatory annual test that checks that a vehicle meets the minimum safety and environmental standards in the UK. If a car does not have a valid MOT, it means that it has not passed this test and may not be safe to drive.

Yes, it is possible to trade in a car for a cheaper model.

When you trade in a car, the value of the trade-in is deducted from the purchase price of the new car. If the value of the trade-in is greater than the cost of the new car, you may be able to apply the excess value towards the purchase of a cheaper model of receive a cash payment for the difference.

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